unique dining room lights

unique dining room lights

hello weirdos welcome back i love thesechallenge videos you guys today's challenge is special and different weare taking that most pinned image you guys know what i'm talking about theimage of the bed with the twinkle lights and the gauzy fabric everyone's alwayssending me that picture going how do i get this look and i've never gotten todo it before and today we were working with julissa she's 22 she's a studentshe worked for jobs she's really busy but it is her dream to finally have apool together bedroom so we are going to try to do it in a day we get to workwith cost plus world market they're sponsoring today's video which means weget to go raid the store i'm so excited

not only just release a love the gauzytwinkle it looks she also loves color the bohemian thing all of that globallyinspired texture and everything so yay it's gonna be a challenge but it's gonnabe fun i'm nervous i'm excited looks at the clock are we really we don't evenneed the introduction you are know this is oh miss kate i'm so excited to be here because thebed that you lighten is probably the most hint image everno it is and i was like so excited to find it smile that you like with thetwinkle lights and the gauze colors the

athenian pillow so you grew up in newjersey right yes i'm born and raised from roselle new jersey but my parentsare haitian immigrants i guess be crayon like the haitian thing the caribbeanthing i'm gonna color evens a lot of pattern and texture definitely and theonly thing you really have going on in here color wise is this quilt we'regonna glow up the see you are student yeah you have your desk over here you gotook is another shadow i know you have another year in school yes but we needout in the desk in your class study leave set goals but keeping it kind ofday bad with the orientation of it against the wall it's almost like acouch yeah that's what i'm all of my

friends to come over and they don't seea bed really they see like a couch sit and you could all hang out yeah ilove that it's a new dimension job right yes so basically i'm working about fourjobs right now trying to nail friends so that it's hard being a student i'm alittle bit away from my campus now so it's a little bit more expensive and soi've been worked so many jobs trying to pay my rent find it worth it like youknow look at my beautiful space how is he not a whore john engler school idropped down to part-time at usc i go once a week on rest of the week i amworking so a bed is like your magical place i know i applaud you that's hardand she be doing all yours

so i'm really excited me so i've watchedall your videos to really prepare myself for with this moment right now okay butyou have obviously a lot to do know do your thing i'm gonna go shopping i gottafind jelly all right so we're in the car on their way to goss plus world marketlook at joey all right guys we need to clean out our car so plan is try to getas much stuff as possible across the world market which is perfect because ofthat like global inspired colorful bohemian aesthetic it's perfect perfectokay parking lot are we here so the canopy drapey situation is a must it'sgotta be magical oh my gosh this is guys this okay comingthrough okay guys we're in the world

market oh i'm so excitedi mean there's so much stuff here obviously guys this is like a mecca forholiday decorating hello hello holiday right here always year-round herebecause it's globally inspired there's just so many colors and they have allthe like technical section curtain rods and curtains and everything raid withthat story tonight that's joe i just the girls enjoy the back bennett you allbeautiful blush chair julissa loves pink first purchase and courage i say we do bed stop first and then likebasics like furniture - i know other bookshelf because that book children'sright now really narrow up this is

pretty pretty with pain mm-hmm it's allgood enough yeah so this is 54 wide oh it's perfect so we want that - sam bownei'm not sure oh my gosh well those are all the like micro ones swagger fromanywhere do dat swag dan anyway i promised i'd dude that's why i didhere's what i love about world markets mm-hmm yes 96-inch curtain panels theyeven have 108 inch curtain panels or what i'm thinking we could make a canopyover the bed a curtain rod up at the top like a corner and we could tie a bunchof curtains on to the kern rod up on the ceiling so i get back hey more curtainson the curtain rod over in the wall corner huh no strung up there butsweeping up the hook to the craft more

curtains down the back crack to the backlook back to the back of the critical crease look at these beautiful a catpattern beautiful for her window pattern beautiful yesbringing the blue look at that look out with their friends yep right but we needto make them friends by bringing in a solid you want that kind we got thatright you want this guy we got that yeah joey yo yo come here okay so here is thepillow story so see these are obviously very different patterns it's importantto justify that with solids finding common colors between these to help themcommunicate oh yeah oh yeah look at that shit manshall we check out now we're pretty good

you got the dresser we're getting thatall right it's on the dresser because she is a bookcase right now so we'rebasically replacing the bookcase with this so she can store everything that'son the book key away behind cabinet what makes it look so much cleaner great lookat how gorgeous this is don't go well on existing carpeting it'll lay well it'sjust proof we got you guys look at this i love this swingarm look because we'retrying to give her like hip bohemian you know over the desk it's gonna lookreally cool they're having so much pattern the breathing will bring in somesimple designs to you know juxtapose a faux cactus wow it looks so real i'mwearing a bath yes and i am a mirror

oh my gosh i love toffee popping candystuff for her desk oh my gosh look how pretty this is let's do this here to getinspired don't watch their video let me sit in this couch back here it's likei'm in a movie theater this is their holiday guide video it's a llama youguys are probably like what did you just watch you can find out for yourself linkis in the description world market tops on backslash llama yeah i'll give you aclue so we're gonna get some accessories and then we're gonna hit up the hardwarestore want to get some pink cuz that wall colors and just a coupleother technical items and we'll be back in the room joey

oh my gosh joey roger i'm making thisbed the most magical thing within what like four hours is bed the most yes weneed to make this pinterest tumblr twinkle lights goal i don't understandwhat's going on with the headboard i think she was trying to make it feellike a daybed for the sake of budget and time we're gonna keep the bed frame keepthe mattress eise's and take away this headboard because this is just gonnaconflict with our twinkle light replacing that overhead with somethingmagical you ever done so with the books and all of our papers tucked away he's astudent work oh yeah we also have to paint everything yeah because this pageis just not happy

our time okay guys we are reallyspending the majority of our time on that bed in the room because we reallyneed to make it look as magical as possible but i can't let a bedroom gowithout a diy piece of art today i am doing something that's actually from thebook a hot glue gun max i need mr. cain i'm going to do this burnt paper art andi'm actually gonna do a little bit of a twist on it in the book i burn the paperbut keep it kind of more minimalist neutral without adding color but sincethe room is so colorful i have my watercolors on hand and i'm gonna do awash of color over the burnt paper design this diy does involve fire soboop cue the disclaimer have water on

hand adult supervision we are going tobe using a lighter so lighter pot of water my watercolors for later i have abig pad of paper here and then i of course have a frame i'm going to put myart in after i'm sure you guys have made snowflakes before this diy is verysimilar to that idea and you can get as creative as you want with the foldsalright this is my weird little folded napkin my lot of water on hand i'm just lighting all the corners centerpoles as well so here we go all right so now this paper is fully saturated andwet but you know what wet paper is great for watercolor paint so i'm gonna use abig brush because this is a big piece of

paper and i really just kind of want todo a wash of color over the papers opposed to any kind of design julie youlook so good in here though so this is basically curtain in total we have onetwo for the window three four five six seven eight nine ten i quit i can't dotanker joey but things like the everest of korean comeback joey we are creating a diy way to paint thiscurtain rods from the ceiling the endpoint of our canopy we need its hangfrom some eye hooks you know just a little screws with cooks which joey'sputting up this wire is nice and flexible but it's also strong becauseobviously we want it to stay secure to

the ceiling joey we're ready to put this up on theceiling okay okay watch the ceiling oh sure she put these down it's true inthe stage oh you're a my guardian angel i don't joey i'm trying to steve meanokay guys the art is dry get out pretty so i'm just gonna put this behind themat and get it up and off okay so let's lana is we're gonna runinto me the lights down at the back and then up over and across to this broaderand a wraparound so they're nice and

secure that we're gonna use thesehandles to cover them up they're gonna run underneath if you're gonna beplugging in a bunch of twin blades plug them all into a power strip so when weleave for the day you can just switch them off going wow what a beautifulfeeling okay here's the thing i'm not crazyabout fire safety but i'm paranoid i'm paranoid even though these are led andthey're like low power they're probably completely otherpercent fine i'm screwing this little eye hooks into the wall i'm stealing itso that's from the fabric i do appreciate your parents

all right very okaynatural fiber for our bohemian queen flip it ohsome of you asking the colonics what is a rule out putting a rug over carpetingand the key is just to make sure that is a heavy rug and thick rug either a shiedor an axial fiber like this that doesn't pucker and buckle and if you're gonnaput a rug over a rough that means you got a real lady into the rug cut offusually only reserved for old do you have magical bed deserves a real cuddlearea see where i want to show it do you see through the big dipper of shushingright there down here's a tip guys leave the tags on as you style your throwpillows make sure you like the look

first before you remove them nothing says welcoming colorful roomlike a little bowl of candy guys when you are styling a daybed especially onewhere you don't have bedside tables a tray is like an essential thing thelittle candies color in a little mug and just some napkins alright guys so ithink we're done what do you think i just love how this all came togetherfully brightened up the room with the white walls we brought in moreestablished furniture that's more size appropriate she had a really small deskbefore we found one to fit perfectly in the speech that really feels now like alittle study nook away from the bed

we've got the beautiful credenza withthe doors so that all that clutter that she saw before on your bookshelvesstowed away behind doors yeah we don't see it anymorewe mounted her tv i really love the diy artwork i think it brings like a patternthat you kind of see happening over here over to this wall let's just have a morethis bed we created such magic with the twinkle lights and the fabric that waskey right these curtains diffusing the twinklelight so you don't know right away that they're just holiday lights that you canbuy really inexpensively so this whole project you could do for like 150 buckswe will plan over in the cords to bring

in some greenery over there and i lovethe curry with beer i mean i just love everything more importantly i reallyhope that too laughs it joey went to go get her ohsouls are so much sorting in your log that recently aside where there's allkinds of shells in there move your books you can put clothes in there whatever beon the wall i know it's mountain the walls are different colors i think theywere beige before me and even though you love color i wanted this to be the staryeah and like brightens up but yeah room and i diy that right there i just wantto be home it was a tree there's clutter when you aren't bad you want ideallyyou're like oh yeah look now you have a

tray to eat your my good grown up robot still maintainingmyself yeah this magical blessings sandglass whoa i don't know like myplanet my favorite thing okay so you know the challenge wants to mean that'smagical time any of you like a princess enjoy your room yellow your respect of be a princess please this is really likethe cutest room ever oh my gosh but too long to you guys well looks like aflight out oh yeah yeah the lisa's party cries shoot everything i won't returnwhat they didn't fit yeah floral and really exhausted i know we're so tiredbut it was worth it because jaleesa is

so happy and that that looks so good wemade magic happen twinkle lights always look so magic especially when they areme word guys diffused okay guys so you know what to do give the video a thumbsup if you loved it leave us a comment let us know your favorite part of theroom was wish jaleesa some good luck in thereand sleeping and watching tv and also follow us on social mediaoh yeah subscribe yeah let's good dinner subscribe and look good in er okay idon't know how she does it oh i don't know you do it you're sosweaty because you worked so hard i really appreciate everything you do yeahwork hard for that money obviously i

couldn't deal without joey joe at sixand a half inches originally from me by way of boston to los angeles hanging 3dcurtain rods

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