unfinished dining room chairs

unfinished dining room chairs

in today's episode of what's my aesthetic we are making over the home of two creative weirdos anna grace and taylor hi, i'm taylor and i'm anna grace and we're married. we're married these newlyweds have tried their darndest to make their converted garage guesthouse their home will of course get to know their aesthetic they agree we have a couple who have the same taste and roll up our sleeves to make it a reality so grab a warm cup of coffee and get cozy because today's episode is sponsored by keurig to introduce the new k cafe coffee house brewer and let's get dramatic playful and creative hey guys i'm mr. kate and i live my life as a creative weirdo i think people's weirdness is their own brand of uniqueness

and it's my passion in life to help people define their creativity so that they can express their truest selves to the world maybe 60% bohemian 30% minimalist and 10% glam, but whatever you are you're 100 percent you so let's go on a journey together and ask the question what's my aesthetic? hi nice to meet you. anna grace, yes. alabama are you in the poorhouse? technically, yeah it's connected by the garage to the main. oh it's so nice in here it's like a one-bedroom back there and that's the closet and left which is an odd place to have the closet but it's so big that we're like cool so we each have a side. oh, oh

but you could so like a cool like island situation what do you do for work? i'm an actress too. actress gotcha and your husband is a stage actor. yes. ao your husband's style is very much like leather and wood that is the main house back here. so like the backyard so they have to come around this - yeah, yeah, but they don't really go in it very much so that's why these curtains are still here from when we moved in because it's sort of like privacy my husband and i are we try to agree on what our aesthetic is right and what we decided to do was take the quiz together last night we found a picture of your living room on pinterest and we were like this is like the perfect marriage of both of our

oh great this section is... basically storage, when we moved in we started unpacking boxes. they already had this up here? yeah i thought maybe about putting the desk over there, making it sort of like a desk area. no, i know. i love that idea any final thoughts? help on three one..two...three....help! okay, so we are diagnosing anna grace and taylor now we have a unique situation on our hands here people because guess what they agree

we have a couple who have the same taste and that is an overarching love for mid-century modern and they said we love your living room our meaning mine and joey's living room the thing about our living room we have, you know a barrel ceiling fireplace an arched window we have some architectural interest going on in there that they don't have in their living rooms we'll get to that later in the plan. but they like a dark colored wall. they like streamline furniture so think tapered leg a mix of tan colors maybe some tweed like fabric and also some raw wood will ease off all of that the fact that they agree i am diagnosing them as a couple as 80% mid-century modern and 20% farmhouse. oh

my gosh. 80% mid-century modern 20% farmhouse 80 cents? you got 80 cents for me? yeah. what do you think of the diagnosis? i love it. tell me the plan. let's go over the plan so guys, you know that we treat everybody to these makeovers like we basically bring them all this furniture they get it all for free, which is awesome based on the fact that they love our living room so much. i want to give them our couch what? we're giving them our couch. yeah, i guess i've been wanting to change it out with one. that's just a little bit longer

can we get a new couch? yes. i i already have one picked out it's a little bit longer than the one we have now. it's the same style though. you sound crazy crazy creative weirdo. um, okay, so they love our living room now, obviously the difference between our living room and their living room it's absolutely different architectural style. thank you. exactly. so we have a barrel ceiling. we have an arched window they do have the cool like beams though i mean it's a low ceiling but the beams are cool but i don't want to paint out those beams a different color because that'll just make the ceiling too low cuz it already is pretty low but i do love that they like the dark color because i think doing a dark color in there is going to really help so

like an accent wall no, i want to go all the way dark around that whole living room and then keep the kitchen light. the entire room dark? yeah, it's actually gonna make it more cozy it'll make it look more designed because the thing that we have going against us in this space is just the layout it's a weird shaped room there's windows on every single wall which we can tell that's already been an issue for them because they have their tv in front of one of the windows, right? so i'm going to be doing something in this room that i haven't done in awhile. and that is putting in some real plans

so predictable oh, yeah you guys know that i usually use just the square shape of the room and i let that dictate like the line of the couch lines up with one of the walls we're not going to do that in here as you can see and these things come in we are going to place the rug at a diagonal, the sofa out of diagonal bringing in maybe some stools opposite to it so it's really like a full 360 conversation area now the reason for this is because of just the amount of windows in there

really trying to make sure that we don't have to put the tv in front of the window but also have it be viewable from like their kitchen and have the living room be like a good flow so this diagonal is going to make it happen which will be able to clear out the little storage area and make that into like a desk area there we'll do a collage wall over here with some of their wedding photos and maybe some diy artwork and then i think in the kitchen an island in there. yeah. it's a big kitchen so like it's kind of empty. so i think that you could build a kitchen island yeah, and maybe use some of these like i just laid out the supplies here. so like the hairpin legs oh, yeah, right

so it kind of would look like a table like a counter height table slash like extra surface area for them while they're cooking love it i think it's gonna be really really impactful when you walk in the front door and see like just a proper living world. yeah it's always a risk to design on the bias, which you know is just kind of defining a diagonal in a room but i think this is the room for it exciting. okay, so i got to paint this whole room. mm-hmm we're changing out the fixtures yeah, so we'll change out the fan to a light in the living room because their ac work really well in there they don't need the ceiling fan and we're gonna change out that ugly fixture in their kitchen and

removing the curtain removing the curtains because they have blinds on the windows and then that one very awkward shaped window that doesn't we can't put blinds on because it's just the wrong link we're going to frost that glass with this front window frost love it. great. i'm nervous why because i'm not gonna have a couch anymore and because we're gonna create their entire interior a dark color it's gonna be great. it's gonna look like a really beautifully designed space it's what the space needs. i trust you because is actually really ugly. we're trying to make it cute. okay okay, so i'm gonna go get started on that. you're gonna go meet them and do stuff

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taylor i didn't get to meet you in person so nice to finally meet i know you usually work at disneyland as prince of han on the frozen show on the frozen show you which you were busy being an evil villain i went and met your lovely wife here. so are you ready to hear what you are based off of my yes the doctors i have diagnosed you guys as 80% mid-century modern. okay, so our highest-scoring so far and then 20% farmhouse cool, okay

i love that a little unfinished wood kind of you know a little bit of the white mmhmm, right like the worn wood thing that you like so that's awesome so tell me what you learned about the wedding all wedding photos by watching our newlywed videos. yes we got married and i loved all the photos that our photographer took and i like framed them and then we watched the episode the newlyweds episode where they had something really similar and you came in and you were like this is great

this is a lot and so you took one of them and you made it like kind of the centerpiece look like some different photos around right some more like landscape photos right which i was like i need to do and my reasoning for that is just because i think if you have too many of the same type of photos it detracts from all of them like yeah they're basically having too many faces coming at you out of a gallery wall and you can don't really know where to look as opposed to creating the gallery as like a guide as a story and really highlighting those photos so that said thank you for this. i took inspiration from that and i had this

this is just a hint at like how much we're gonna celebrate this like this is gigantic so what we're gonna do right now is an art piece together because we're gonna create a gallery wall set up but we want to have a piece of art together so we're gonna do abstract art it's gonna be really easy and it's gonna be fun and we're gonna mix in some colors that are very mid-century and sort of vibe right i mean that is beautiful. look at that vanilla pudding pop really it's making me hungry right now, we're gonna play with some horizontal lines as well as some vertical lines

so we're gonna use some of the darker colors here and it's all just using these spatula no more brushes so it's it's a really fun kind of peaceful technique. so we'll just deposit a little bit of color i couldn't recreate it if i wanted to there's no way, but it's like very peaceful in the way that like the colors mixed in together i mean this is like mid-century modern to a tee. alright, so we're gonna let this dry you guys are gonna go i'm gonna see you tomorrow. you're awesome thank you artists. all right. well, let's go cuz i have another projects due elsewhere, but i'll take you guys out on the way. come on joey

joey! it's going okay there's a lot of painting yeah, i was gonna say i see a white wall behind and you got the butcher block countertop i have sketches to do and stuff to put in frames and then i'll bring over stop bye. thank you so obviously we have that amazing artwork that anna grace and taylor just painted it's drying so while it's drying i'm going to prep some other stuff that's gonna be in our gallery wall set up i only showed them that one blown-up photo of the one of them standing from their wedding

but i also have this one which is so cute which will be really cool i think also as part of the gallery setup and the reason why i think this one is okay mixed in with the other one is because it's so close up i also have one of our art prints that you can get as well on shop mr.kate.com i love the sort of like a minimalist look it's a very mid-century and not it's kind of like abstract again so we're sort of offsetting the wedding photos with these more abstract pieces so i want to also include a sketch because you guys know that i love

to integrate also hand drawn stuff. so when you're creating a gallery while you're telling a story it is a gallery it's like you're having your own exhibit so you can mix in photography with paintings with sketches so i want to do something again abstract i want to just do like a line drawing, you know, one of those where like the line never separates okay, i think what i just created is like one of those drama masks which they're both actors, doesn't that kind of look like one of those like the shakespearean masks? so i'm gonna cut that out put in a frame and then i'm gonna go join joey because i think he needs some help over there frames

this looks so much better in here. like it's like an actual room now it is like completely opposite of what it was before. how many coats did you have to do on this ten shut up twelve okay, like three. drama queen look at this though, like this looks so cool now this is such a patchwork room, you know, the fact that it's like a garage extension it was like different sized windows and whatever. how good is this light look over here? this is also an amazing hack like this was such a good idea. i know i love this this is bringing in like a little bit of the farmhouse vibe and you did such a good job

they'll be able to like use this as a cutting board extra kitchen surface, and we took away their miniature dining table over there which they didn't even use and this is so much better. now, we have these amazing mid-century stools oh, these are cool, but they can sit out here, you know, and they store under here nicely as well so like move around it easily this turned out really cool, too wallpaper i mean how did it feel that you didn't have to mount a tv for once it was great. and take down the curtain that's how life should be no mounting tvs. no hangings hurts. okay, look how good this looks with this mid-century sideboard this is establishing our diagonal layout right? we're starting from the corner

boom this justifies it that's that's establishing it. you know, what's driving at home? what look at this giant rug i have here wanna help me roll it out set on the diagonal. we're designing on the bias. i'm a little biased myself oh my god about how beautiful you are why are you talking like that like a creeper? can you go down there? no, i like this and the frosting looks really good too. the frosting looks good. the desk is like this is game changer

this is game changer because like this little area was so weirdly tucked away behind that curtain before like making it feel like and trying to have their desk out here in the way like just didn't make any sense now, it feels like it's like a dedicated spot. yeah, and we're still using the vertical space for the storage i have some storage baskets and stuff. but let's talk more rolling. one two. oh that's such a cool little fixture it's like i know that's so mid-century cute and so much better than the ceiling fan which they don't need because their ac works really well wait, can you oh nice your biceps

because it's so big but yes huge sofa tables is the perfect size. yes, so narrow, right so nice. so this creates now like a hallway, right? because we have the front door here they walk in this justifies the back of the couch on a diagonal you can walk into the kitchen set their keys here there's so much great seating now. i know she said she likes ever friends overs is perfect. yeah, this is like a 360 degree conversation area plus storage in these ottomans. okay. so let's talk about the big stuff in here obviously the biggest

liberty that we took was doing a diagonal floor plan and we're just gonna work. yeah. i think it works too i mean obviously we're justifying that with everything with the rug side of the diagonal with everything set a diagonal but creating the traditional conversation area that we love to do two chairs coffee table sofa but this is now like a full living room set up. we have the tapered legs you'll see that as a very identifying feature on mid-century you see legs legs legs legs with tapered legs really simple you'll see that the lines of all the furnitures really clean and that is definitely very

characteristic with the mid-century because remember we're trying to do 80% mid-century in here which is a lot, but then we're also mixing wood tones, which is very farmhouse are 20% farmhouse we've got like a darker wood coffee table the more medium tone of the wood here we'll do some mixed frames you know with all the artwork set up and then i think it's so much better in here without the curtains because they have a very awkward setup with the amount of windows and the fact that all the windows are different sizes they have french doors. that's their entry door. so by not doing curtains were sort of like letting the windows just be the rectangles in the room, right and this is a great because like you basically were looking right into another house before yeah

this is a nice just muted light coming in right there landlords live on the other side of that window and now it's frosted they don't have to have the curtains drawn all the time. so like we're getting more light in here too, which is great well there you got the blinds on the windows. so all right. well, i'm gonna get the artwork and photographs and stuff on that wall. yep, and then you'll judge and then we'll be done. yeah, and the artworks are so cool okay, i'm gonna do style great all right, guys, we have this amazing wall desk here. like what a perfect look

this is for a desk area before it was just this cluttered closet concealed by a curtain like this is so much better and this wall desk is amazing because we're using the vertical space and this is very mid-century and style obviously still keeping with the clean lines that kind of medium tone of wood this actually bamboo, but you know we're taking some liberties. so some of the farmhouse elements obviously baskets and things with more natural elements like this rope and glass. this is obviously very much like the farmhouse beachy vibe when you guys take our test whatever you score the majority on that's kind of your major aesthetic where you should focus on your furniture pieces

and then there's those other styles where you get less of a percentage. those are the things you can focus on for accessories so you're still bringing in that style, but not in the big pieces. so let's get this up on the shelf thank you anna grace for being a creative weirdo and already having these amazing faux plants on hand for me to style we also have the hanging plant that she already had up so yay, but let's talk about the small stuff that's going in obviously plants create a really design decorated look, you guys know i'm a broken record about bringing plants and just bringing in that natural element softens an odd corner, etc so definitely gonna use these probably over there i've also got this new side table which is very mid-century clean lines unembellished legs except for a little peak of natural wood at the bottom

i'll put that over there by that chair. i have their side table here and i love that she just kind of diy this is a lazy susan they got for their wedding one of their wedding gifts and it's marble and she just put it on top of this like inexpensive table and it is a cool tiered look loving it keeping it yass anna grace for the table tops you guys know i love to bring in a brass accent, especially in a mid-century room brass is a very important color the warm colors the warm tones of wood the warm tan the warm brass very mid-century i've also got some other things there geometric lines, you know nothing really small patterns. you'll also see that here with the pillows

we've got kind of a tweed which is very mid-century you'll also see that happening here on the fabric of the chairs. nothing over embellished and we are in mid-century land looks good looks good. this is cute like you she had that is that you that's how i look in the morning i think it looks great. it looks really good it has such a different feeling in here now with the dark walls like i know we took a major risk doing that but like it just unifies the space so much more and it feels so this is also a game changer game changer like a kitchen island. so

i know. all right. should we get up? yeah, show them ready. let's do the joey move okay, i've got my hands on your hip like this think about what your space looked like before you look really cute. yeah. all right picture what your room looked like before okay....one....two......three! look at the frame....oh my gosh we did that this is like your guy's couch is this not like exactly like it it's it's our couch! it's so comfy

i actually wanted to get one that was just slightly longer for our living room so this was a perfect opportunity like and look at how nice that looks actually took away the curtains in here. yeah, there's the fact that all the windows didn't match i think this is a better way to just make it feel more mid-century the way you're dining was set up before i love it so much oh my gosh, there's croissants up like a styling that's your new keurig k cafe coffee house i'll use it every day, oh my gosh. i love this so much. and joey built this island you can use and it's like a cutting board and everything. oh, i haven't looked up yet

and there's an area rug, i'm just like i'm taking in things i didn't notice that first oh my gosh that thing behind it. so this makes it so that this becomes now your hallway, right? you walk in the front door you have this entryway because this diagonal floorplan isn't something like i normally do as you guys know i wasn't expecting it, but it works all your throw blankets from your wedding are in those storage ottomans how great is that coffee table? it's fabulous hello gallery wall of dreams right there, right? that's a painting i love it so much it brings in the beautiful blues and greens and then the mid-century like mustard

which is like the same kind of tone of this leather and then that drama mask that is so cool! thank you guys this is really beyond beyond. we're gonna go we had a long day we're gonna go not enjoy it. enjoy it thank you so much! yeah, look at the way i didn't see the lamp i know enjoy guys i want to sit in this chair

they loved it guys, what did you think? i think that they loved it most importantly but of course we wanna hear what you think so let us know in the comments i think i think they were great candidates for an intense makeover like that was not a light makeover we went from white to dark. it was a bold choice we were bold in there, but we kept you know, the mid-century lines are all clean and everything like that so i think we can go bold with the walls. i think we nailed their aesthetic. yeah, guys. do you know what your aesthetic is? did you know you can take our what's my aesthetic quiz and find out on mrkate.com come and let us know in the comments what you are you'll be a unique split of a bunch of different styles

maybe or maybe you'll be all one who knows. if you're not already hit that subscribe button join the creative weirdo family we'll be happy to have you we need to grow our wonderful creative weirdo fam because it's just the place to be and lastly huge thanks to keurig for sponsoring today's video guys. check out keurig.com to learn more about that k cafe coffee house it powered me through the day thank you. so guys, that's it. we'll see you on the next. what's my aesthetic stay creative stay weird stay you. we love you so much. bye joey follow

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