how to make a small garden look beautiful

how to make a small garden look beautiful

hey guys it's shirley bovshow with homeand family and i want to welcome you to our new mini welcoming garden to ourhome. now, what we used to have here was a sad patch of lawn that everybody keptwalking through as you can see in the picture it looked dead we kept feedingit never work so we stopped fighting it and we came up with an idea to make abeautiful little water-wise garden with the path that people can actually walkthrough now i want to give you a few tips based on this design so that youcan create a small little garden as well what makes this work guys is that ilimited the palette of plants as you can see we've got really striking magentathese are bougainvillea trees they're

gonna stay small like this so it's avery vibrant color so our primary color then we have down here yellow whichlooks great as a contest this is our yarrow and then this beautiful romanticlooks like a butterfly actually called butterfly wings this is guaraand it's got white and pink it's a white pink yellow and magenta is just thecolor that we need what are the things that we had to do here was we had toraise the garden bed you see it's got a gentle slope if you at home have badsoil and you really start digging into hard pan you can always raise the levelof your soil and then plant in that so that was something we did when you putyour stepping stones down make sure

always to put at least one inch ofso that you can wedge it in and level it and they won't be dancing around okaycome on over this or take a closer look now i'm the second day i've hit thesecond part of the makeover to bring this area into the yard to look morelike our new garden the way i did that was by repeating the plants again thebougainvillea like in the front you see the yarrowand megara so those are the core plants so what makes it really fun is that wehave a focal point and you can do anything at home if you have adecorative mailbox or a sculpture and then we just filled it with annualplants in the same colors so if i had

introduced another color here you mightbe saying surely that's way too much going on for a short little of herswallowing space but really it's just the same colors but different texturescome on close the cheek i want to show you how adorable this is now don'tforget that the color of your house is also a part of the color palette of yourgarden we have a gray house check this out by kandra in silver so we'rerelating to to bringing in our yellow with biden's is this like a totallyhappy plant coreopsis and then just to give you a tip these are usually reallydark tones you've got the dark euphorbia you've got the osteo spermybut when you add a pop of yellow

variegated white a little euphorbia andwhite and look at this cute little arm aria man you got a garden within alittle pot so anyways come on down watch us on home and family weekdays i'm hereto give you your garden tips and teach you how to grow some food and how tolive the life that's enjoying everything under this sun watch us on home andfamily week things home our channel 10 o'clock i'll be there in the garden

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