interactive bathroom design

interactive bathroom design

yo, what's up guys, my name is lilili aka riceman today i'm gonna switch the sign of men's and women's bathroom we are gonna have unexpecting strangers walking into the wrong restroom. now my assistant jennifer she's gonna be in the woman's bathroom i am gonna be in the guys bathroom and let's see how people react, go eat more rice what the **** dude what the **** isn't this guys's restroom? no, does it look like guy's restroom?

it says.... wait, but i swear it was men's what the **** dude? i'm sorry holy **** what the hell? is this guy's bathroom? no this is women's bathroom! you scared the **** out of me!

i'm so sorry got get the **** outta here dude what are you doing? this is the woman's bathroom. you're in the wrong bathroom this is the men's bathroom. you see there's an urinal right there no, it says women's bathroom outside i've been going here for three years. this is men's bathroom no get out! you are guy, get out ok i just need wash my hand

nope, this is so creepy! i don't care. i just have to pee are you still there! come out. you need to come out right now. you're in the wrong place no i have to use the bathroom, can you please get out? you are trespassing the men's bathroom it says women's bathroom outside. can you please get out?

you want come out and look? i am about to call the cop can you get out you prevert? i'll let you do your thing. all right you want me to show you.. what the hell are you doing? let me show you this no get the **** out! ok i'm out! come out

you come out, look at this! what does it say right there? what does it say? there's no way m-e-n, is there a wo in front of it? men i thought it said women's you thought, dont assume alright? well....

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