ikea kitchen decor ideas

ikea kitchen decor ideas

while some of us are lucky enough to havea proper entryway at home, most of us are stuck working with a cramped corner or narrowhallway instead of an actual foyer. from oversized mirrors to simple storage hooks,here are ways to turn a modest entrance into an unexpectedly chic and organized storagedisplay. 1. canary yellow door. looking for a colorful way to welcome visitorsinto your home, and more specifically, your foyer? paint your front door in a bright hue.

2. hang a floating shelf. a floating shelf is perfect for dropping keysand stacking mail without taking up any floor space at all. find one with built-in hooks or install yourown underneath to make the most of your wall space. 3. yes to a statement lighting fixture. a bold pendant or modern chandelier also makesa memorable and bright first impression.

4. hang your vines and greenery. for something a little different, opt to hangyour vines and greenery from hooks or the ceiling instead. a terrarium with some succulents is also agreat addition. 5. the multiple storage shelves. the multiple storage shelves in this entrykeep everything organized and in their place. 6.

accent an entryway. accent an entryway with graphic floor tile,like these black-and-white floors to help define the space. 7. modernize an entry room. modernize an entry room with some bold geometricaltiles. 8. a small console or side table. a small console or side table can transforman entrance hallway into an actual foyer while

creating storage space. 9. table manners. a clean-lined console with interesting hardware,like this white table in an apartment in valencia, spain, adds plenty of storage and interest. 10. an eye-catching entrance table. an eye-catching entrance table like this mintyblue console looks stunning in an entryway. with a statement piece like this, it’s importantto keep the rest of the styling quite simple.

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