expandable round dining room table

expandable round dining room table

today we are going to update the look of this old dining room table. we liked the large claw foot legs, so we decided to focus on the top. we're going to show you how to create a penny table top using a durable product called glaze coat. shabby diy the old table top was badly worn and peeling, so it will need to be repaired. we took a freshly sharpened chisel and removed the outer trim first. if you want to know how to sharpen a chisel or how to restore an old one, watch tâ³'s cubed video. his video is easy to follow and produces excellent results. plus he has many other great videos on his channel.

we then sanded the high spots on the table top. then we laid the table on half inch plywood. next we traced the table onto the plywood. then we cut the line with a jigsaw. next we applied an adhesive to the table top, and laid our freshly cut plywood on top of it. the plywood was nailed into place. we cut and removed the old ugly side trim. then we recycled window blinds to finish our table edge. we added a lip for our pennies to rest against.

we caulked any holes or seals and painted the top in satin black. then we painted the bottom white. next we're ready to line up our pennies on the table. we started on the outside and worked our way around table until we made it to the center. some people glue each penny down. we didn't find that to be necessary. next we poured our two part glaze coat kit into a measuring cup, and stirred it for a couple of minutes. it should look hazy when you get ready to pour it. start by pouring the glaze coat into the center, and letting it self level. then pour any addition glaze coat around it.

next take a wide plastic scraper and spread the epoxy. then pull from the center to the edge. you have about fifteen minutes to work with it. here is the result after it dried overnight. the coating almost perfectly leveled itself. the coating dried crystal clear, high gloss and is very durable. one coating of this product is equal to seventy coats of varnish. we surprisingly used about 3,500 pennies in this project.

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