ethan allen dining room sets

ethan allen dining room sets

for more info, you could visit the med cookshopplus,.com. i stopped by the ethan allen store by getting -- forgetting your home ready for the upcoming festivities. decorating is so special because it puts you in that

holiday spirit. when it comes to color, don't be afraid to think outside the box. you can have a lot of fun with color. it doesn't have to be the traditional green and red. lime green and turquoise.

for an easy way to have a pop of color, fill vases with ornaments. another beautiful color combo for the holidays is when you might not expect. many people think that white is a summer color, but winter white is so festive.

mixed with silver, it is perfect for the holidays. create a winter wonderland with a collection of gorgeous candles from ethan allen. or at a white throw and pillows to your couch. my favorite part of

decorating is the lighting. lighting is so important during the holidays because it sets the mood. a simple way to add sparkle is to add christmas lights and a glass vase. sonja says when it comes to holiday the core, candles are

key. soft light makes everything look beautiful. another way to make your home look festive is with evergreen. it brings the outside in. when it comes to decorating the dining room table, sonja says lower your tables eight the

better. you want to keep your centerpiece low and be able to see over to your guests and obstruct the conversation. speaking of conversation, one last tip is to arrange her furniture so your holiday guest

feel at home. make sure your self is coming from the wall. you want to create that flow and add conversation proofing. with these tips, you will be

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