ella dining room

ella dining room

- scott mcgillivray is a world renowned tv host and contractor. but even old dogs can learn new tricks. - hey, who you callin'an old dog over there?! let's worry about your first renovation, before we worry aboutyour first show, alright? - okay. - let's do this again. (upbeat music)

- ella is a creative andenthusiastic 10 year old. she's got some big design ideas, and she's ready tostart her first project. so, i'm gonna help herrenovate her bedroom in a day. okay. what's happening in here? you wanna give me the quick details? - i've had it for a long time,

and i want new things. like, new carpet, new paint walls, new dresser, new cabinets, new bed, new desk. - whoa you really wanna do this up. you're growing up a little too fast! how old are you? 25? no, 10!

- [scott] 10? holy smokes.- [sharon] 10 going on 16, scott. - [scott] 10 going on 16?- [sharon] yes, 10 going on 16. she's growing up way too quickly. it needs preparation for the next phase of her life, for sure. and she's a busy kid, she play a lot of sports,

we're out all the time, we're away on weekends. so, it's tough to get this done, for sure. - and so, you think we cando this room in a day, huh? - [ella] yes. - alright, then we needto pack up your room, everything, and get it out of here. and we gotta renovate, and then we'll only bring back

the things that belong to the new, the improved, the mature, ella. how does that sound? - great. you ready to grow up real fast? - yes. - alright, let's do this. let's start packing up your room,

and taking things outta here. (quirky upbeat music) one of the most dramaticparts of this renovation will be the change in paint color. green on top, nah, i've got this fresh blue. we got pink and whitestripes on the bottom. we want to make this a little bolder, so i'm using a tropic-seablue on the bottom.

just sanded the stripes because the paint was a little raised. but, i'm not even gonna prime this wall, instead, i'm gonna use para premium. it's a paint and primer in one. gonna get the coveragei need, and the color that looks amazing. this is gonna be afantastic transformation. you got a new carpet for me today?

- yeah. - we're gonna be finished painting in half and hour. - okay, so i'm ready to go. it's not gonna take long. - like, an hour? - [man with glasses]i'll do it in 30 minutes. - okay, let's get this out of here then. you cut, i pull.

there's the designer. ella, come on in here. you want to describe to her what we got coming in? - well, we got the light gray waffle. that's supposed to give some kind of effect like the sea. - so, a little bit of texture, right? you okay with that?

- [scott] excited to see your new carpet? - yup. - [scott] alright, lets keep going. - okay, i'm ready to help. - you're ready to help?- yes. - alright, i'm gonna start unloading this and give you all the pieces. - i've ordered a desk. a new desk, for ella's room.

- thank you. - that old one wasobviously like a kid's desk. - as she's getting older, and she needs to get ready for a higher level of school.- [scott] yes. - for sure, she needs a good place. 'cause again, it's been, it's definitely built for somebody who's really little,

and she's growing up really fast. - and you don't want to keep renovating, that's for sure. - [sharon] no. - do it once, do it right. and it's different--- do it smart, yeah. - she's already telling me about going off to university. she's like, "i just want to do

"one more renovation!" "i got to be in this roomuntil i go off to school." - right, and we want a smart renovation that we're not having to redo, 'cause we wanna save for her school! that's really our focus. - well, let's get this room done economically and quickly. if you wanna put this desk together,

it'll be quite fitting because this is probably where she'll be doing her homework for the next 10 years at this desk. um, i got a little project for her to do. - alright, i think i'm good! - okay, got a little project for you too. i noticed your name up on the wall matches your old room.

- [scott] we're gonna spray these just a nice light color, mature. so, you shake it, and you just kinda from this distance. you're just gonna spray them nice and lightly, like that. let me show you, ready? not too fast. there you go.

easy enough, right? wow, it already feels more mature. alright, this looks good. let's let it dry and we'll do a second coat, okay? - no peeking in that room now! ugh, that's better. that's not a kid's bed, that's like a grown-up bed.

it's the exact same one i have at home. ella's gonna love it. she's all grown-up now! (light music) who's ready to see theirroom all grown-up style? - woo-hoo!- me! - alright, let's do it, put the scrapbooks away. - [sharon] yes!

- [scott] are you ready? - [scott] are you sure? - it's amazing! i love it! - [scott] aw, nice.- [sharon] wow. - [ella] i love all the colors. - [sharon] it's incredible.- [ella] it has my favorite color blue! - [scott] this is an all grown-up bed now,

look at that queen size bed for you. - [sharon] i know.- [ella] it's so comfy. - it's a stearns and foster mattress. i have the same mattress at home, so i know it's comfy. have a seat at your new desk. - i love this new desk. - [scott] right? lots of room in your drawers

for all the good stuff. from the top down we addedcrown molding in here, so it matches the of the house. you got the two-tone paint on the wall; blue, light, and dark. new carpets on the floor. - thank you, thank you, thank you. - you're welcome sharon. - love it so much.

- i'm glad you love it. alright ella, enjoyyour new room, alright? - p.s., don't grow up too fast. - yes, thank you. - [scott] bye. - goodbye.- bye, scott. - okay, i'm gonna go on lunch. just make sure you finishthis whole thing up. yeah, you got this?

- okay, i'll see you at five o'clock.

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