elegant dining room sets

elegant dining room sets

jennifer mcgee: i arrived andsaw the before space. the first thing that came tomind was i wanted it to be architectural. i wanted to use it formultifunctional seating area, and to bring lightinto the space. i put in mirrors that wentstraight across one wall, and balanced it by the symmetry ofthe two highboys next to them. it created the focalpoint that the room really didn't have.

it was lacking somethingthat we walked in, and that wow moment. when we first saw the room, ireally felt that for the scale of the room, that the casingsand the moldings didn't really give it that grandeur. what we did was we built up the baseboards, made those higher. the ceiling heights were high,they were nine feet. and i built all the casingsup and built the dog ears.

so that was all customized, aswell as putting a picture rail so that our artwork couldbe hung there. the one main point that i reallyfelt was so important was this focal point and view. a lot of dining rooms havefireplaces or a focal point. this room did not. the mirrors added the light andthe elegance and glamour that i thought theroom needed. so instead of just doing thetypical one mirror over a

console, i made it as if it werean art object and did a collage of four separatemirrors. and of course, having art besuch a big part of the room, i wanted to install that gorgeousoil over the mirrors themselves. i think that people, when theythink of a dining space, they talk about what's the diningroom table look like? what's my seating? but what i wanted to have peopleenvision is that we can

have two different spaces. you can create conversationalareas within it. here at the front is where you'ddisplay your art and your finer things. the corner reflects whereyou sit and you dine. there's many purposesand functions for this dining room. it's not just about the formaldining room, because that's not really how peopleare living today.

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