dining room window curtains

dining room window curtains

diy drapery ideas: luxurious window treatmentswith valances, swags, scrolls and holdbacks {anat} welcome to another episode of galaxy-design’sinnovative design series. we are here in lake forrest, ca. {steve} today we are going to be working onsome windows behind us that we haven’t done before. these windows are very large, theyhave a beautiful view and the client has requested for us to dress them. so we are going to put up some of our zodiacvalances and scarf swags which are all part of our custom do it yourself drapes packages. we are also going to have some scrolls inthis window treatment and i’m excited to

show you how to install these window dressingsup step-by-step. since we have shades on these windows, wehave gone ahead and used our 5.5 inch arms that we put on the zodiac valance that willallow us enough clearance for the drapes. using our patented technology with the wire,we have gone ahead and slipped the fabrics onto the wire and the next thing we are goingto do is slip these onto the nuts that are on the back of the zodiacs and this will allowus to have full draperies put up. {anat} so now that we put the panel on thezodiac crown, we are going to go ahead and secure it. here is the nut that is going togo on the screw. we are going to go ahead and screw it on this way.

{steve} so this is what they look like goingup. they are going to look really stunning once they are put up. now that i’ve gotthe fabrics put on the valances, i chose to go ahead and do the swags first as a firstlayer and then the drapes as a second layer. so all i do is simply pull on the pleats andmake sure they are gathered evenly before putting them up onto the arms on the top. so in this particular job we had a littlechallenge to deal with in how we put the holdbacks up. so we made these special holdbacks thatwill allow these holdbacks to still dress the windows in the front. this is an itemthat we make ourselves and it is fashioned into an l-shape so that the holdback willfit into this window space that is very close

to the wall. i am going to go ahead and put these up. draperyholdbacks are usually mounted about 48 inches from the floor. this window behind me has no space from thewall whatsoever. what’s unique about this particular galaxy-design product is that itcan go literally right up against the wall. so for the scroll installment what i liketo do is use two measurements that are ten inches in difference. the first measurementi am going to do is going to be at 92 inches. and the second measurement is going to beabout ten inches into the window and it will be at 102 inches.

as you can see, our drapery hardware can goall the way up against the wall leaving only a one inch gap. for this particular demonstration i have chosento go ahead and put our holdback at the same level as the scroll. by doing this it allowsme to have a straight top on the swags to they look very level. it has also coveredthe edge of the window. that is the reason why we like to put the holdbacks right atthe edge of the window. when it comes to swaging the fabrics, howto hold them in place is always a question. this is why all of our do-it-yourself draperypackages come with zip-locks. zip-locks seem to make this process quiteeasy. once you have gathered all of the fabric

together all you need to do as wrap a zip-lockaround it and then simply slip it over the arm. now that i have made the swags all i haveto do is simply add another zip-lock, create a loop between the two and once i have doneso all i do is rest it on my holdback. now that i have them done, both swags aremeeting, i have a nice jabot in the center and all i do is simply slip the holdback intoplace and that will cover all the zip-locks so you won’t see any of them. we have now completed putting up all of thehardware and the scarfs are up so now it’s time to put the finishing touches on thisproject.

i always like to have the drapes steamed out.this allows the drapes to relax and give us a nice dressing on the end. so we just completed the job and it turnedout really nice and very exquisite. the client seemed to like it very much. {anat} and just remember, we don’t coverwindows, we dress windows. {steve} for more design ideas, visit our websiteat galaxy-design.com.

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