dining room wall sconces

dining room wall sconces

nowadays you can find wall sconces tocomplement any style of decor whether you prefer old world or more of a modern flair there's a style of wall sconce toaccentt every room. here's what you need to know to help you find the best wallsconce for your home wall sconces can be used to provide softback on illumination as well as directional task lighting.sconces are generally used to compliment a fixture with in a room and are almost always installed in pairs.when two is not enough,

multiple sconces can be used toeffectively like long hallways large rooms and home theaters. the most popular application for a wallsconce is in the bathroom, where two sconces installed on eitherside of a bathroom mirror provide ideal cross illumination forapplying makeup and other personal care tasks. the style materials that are chosen fora wall sconce can determine the lighting effect that's produced. sconces with incandescent bulbs, glassmica,

or fabric shades will diffuse lightwhich is perfect for more subtle ambient light. sconces featuring halogenbulbs will provide general lighting and complement existing like withouttaking up precious floor space. wall sconce should be mounted 60- 66inches from the ground. as the room increases in height soshould the morning how did your fixtures the fixtures themselves should also beincrease in size to keep in proportion with the rooms increased square footageand ceiling height. wall sconces should be placed anywherefrom six to 10 feet apart depending on the amount of light needed

and the amount of light that has thrownfrom the fixtures themselves. make sure to pay attention to how far the fixturesextend from the wall so as to not make it a hazard for guestsand residents of the home. ada compliant fixtures protrude fourinches or less can be a great choice for tight spaces. atgstores.com carries over seventeenthousand different wall sconces in a wide variety of styles, and with carefulselection you'll find the perfect wall sconce for you and your home. for more helpful videos click the linksbelow and be sure to subscribe to our

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