bungalow haus bauen

bungalow haus bauen

welcome today, i'm going to show you our tiny house on wheels that we have for sale it's a really beautiful tiny house that is built with quality materials and built to last as you can see it's built right onto a trailer it's a 24 foot car hauler flatbed trailer, and it was moved recently so it's road worthy and ready to move to your location the siding is cedar shingles and the roof is professionally installed sanding standing seam metal roof the dimensions of the house the outside of the house is itself is 20 feet long and the width is just under 8 and a half feet and then the porch on the front is 4 feet long now we'll show you the inside

it's chilly outside, but it's really nice and warm and cozy in here it's pretty spacious feeling with the tall ceiling so when you come in this is kind of living area? there's plenty of space here for a couch up above the couch you'll see this is an energy recovery ventilator and erv and that helps to bring in fresh air from the outside as well as ventilate stale air from the inside of the house, and it recovers energy while it ventilates there is some storage space above the erv where you can store things

i wanted to point out the windows in the house. you can see there's some nice big windows here most of the windows we've put on one side of the house on purpose so that if you wanted you could face that self and get the maximum solar gain they're really nice double pane marvin integrity windows. there's some shelving here this is a really cozy warm little heater. it made a cast iron and soap stone it's a direct vent propane heater it has a really cute little flame, and it does a very good job of shooting off the whole house next we'll move on to the kitchen dining area you can see our little dining table here

and that does fold up and down if you have guests over you can fold that down if you need more space the kitchen here a lot of nice counter space this is a propane range so it's got four burners on the cooktop, and then a good sized little oven in there there is a wall cabinet up there there's plenty of storage and then this kitchen the counter and the frame here is kind of temporary rustic kitchen could really easily take it out and put in your own cabinets and countertop then over here is the fridge it's a pretty good size for one or two people fridge as well as a small little freezer on top which is very nice

and it's a really low cost to run that next we will move into the bathroom you can see that our tiny house does have a bathtub in it is this a repurposed garden cart that we took the wheels off at the bottom? so it's really quite spacious for standing in and taking a shower, and then you can also sit in to soak as a tub there's plenty of space down here for you to put in whatever kind of toilet, you'd like and then over here we have the closet this has storage space here

you can hang your clothes their shelves put clothes or other things on and then there's some utilities in the back of the closet we have a propane on-demand water heater that works really well there's some plumbing in there a water filter ventilation fan as well and lastly we will go upstairs and show you the sleeping loft we have a ladder here for the sleeping loft that is on wheels so it can be easly stored over here and then moved

to get into the loft so this is a spacious sleeping loft area you can see there's a nice big window in the back there and a really nice feature is the pine tongue-and-groove floor as well as the pine toungue-and-groove ceiling which is very pretty

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