bungalow haus bauen schweiz

bungalow haus bauen schweiz

believe in your dreams and give it all #bergseebungalow - the construction the biggest project we ever did months of preparation and so much material... and now we will bring all this material up to the partnunsee

now everything is ready behind me and the helicopter can come! and we will bring everything to the lake i'm waiting here for the helicopter i can already hear it and adi is loading the helicopter and then they will bring it up here and i'm so exicted!! i'm out of breath

i was almost running up here i'm standing at the lake now and all the material will be here soon amazing... there we will build the platform at the partnunsee there are many cows and they also wanted to help us a bit... isn't this a nice plattform? yesterday was and increblide day

and we were faster than we expected! the platform is ready now and and we will bring it to the other side now we almost used 2'000 screws today i'm specially excited the kitchen i built myself & the roof will be brought uf to the mountain i hope everything will stay unscathed we can fly with the helicopter! i rarely had so much adrenaline, so amazing!

and to have energy in our bergsee-bungalows, we are building a solar system we put all our lifeblood into this project and we were suffered, we were exited, but i think it was all worth it! we will life here wor the next weeks and also work here and if you would like to visit us during august you are more than welcome

here in the beautiful prã¤ttigau if you would like to sleep here and be our guests then write us a comment, with who who you would take with you! and with a little luck you can win a night here just write a comment (all infos in the info box) if you wan't to read more about our project then hop over to littlecity.ch if you like this video

or you would like to support us then we are really happy if you share it thank you so much with all my heart thank you to all the people who made this possible!

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